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Update: 101 Steps For 2012

Just like last year, I have decided to make a simple to-do-list for this year 2012. Since I can”t find (or create) a set of tasks, I”ll be re-posting some of the things I did last year (from my Navi Planner), but this time, I”ll put all of them here in this blog post.

Here are the following 101 steps:

  1. Start a travel journal
  2. Write a love letter
  3. Take one photo a day
  4. Learn to rock climb
  5. Run a 20 minute 5k
  6. Live abroad for a year (not likely to happen)
  7. Host a dinner party
  8. Invest in the stock market
  9. Learn to play your favorite song on guitar
  10. Create a 5 year plan
  11. Read a book in one sitting
  12. Actually get up when the alarm goes off
  13. Learn how to meditate
  14. Plan a one-week vacation
  15. Actually go on that vacation
  16. Sell a photo you took
  17. Drink 3 liters of water a day
  18. Go on spur of the moment road trip
  19. Take your vitamins
  20. Laugh everyday
  21. Send someone a postcard
  22. Master the art of packing
  23. Keep a blog
  24. Be in two places at once
  25. Start a band
  26. Document your dreams
  27. Become fluent in a foreign language
  28. Redecorate your room
  29. Spend less time online (not likely to happen)
  30. Go fishing
  31. Learn how to read a map
  32. Know that you have everything you need
  33. Find your perfect hairstyle
  34. Learn one word a day
  35. Ride a transcontinental train
  36. Take dance classes
  37. Get a pen pal
  38. Buy a compass
  39. Find yourself
  40. Meet someone famous
  41. Stop contradicting yourself
  42. Speak up
  43. Create a 2012 wish list
  44. Go for regular massages
  45. See your favorite band play
  46. Get married (never gonna happen this year!)
  47. Smile at someone you don’t know
  48. Do something that matters to someone
  49. Give up your seat
  50. Learn to cook your favorite dish
  51. Ride a gondola in Venice (not anytime soon)
  52. Visit a flea market
  53. Become a good listener
  54. Get yourself a birthday present you’ve always wanted
  55. Fly a kite
  56. Learn how to use an analog camera
  57. Create a playlist of your ultimate favorite songs
  58. Drink tea
  59. De-clutter your closet
  60. Spend more time outdoors
  61. Donate blood
  62. Make your handwriting into a font
  63. Ask for help
  64. Let someone else win an argument
  65. Tell the truth
  66. Get lost in a foreign city
  67. Go all out on your Christmas decorations
  68. Start a new collection
  69. Fall in love again
  70. Get paid to travel
  71. Practice the law of attraction
  72. Sit up straight
  73. Say no without being guilty about it
  74. Keep track of all the places you have been
  75. Own every album of your favorite band
  76. Make something you will actually use
  77. Allow yourself one lazy day a week
  78. Pick a cause to support or volunteer for
  79. Try out raw food
  80. Set foot on every continent
  81. Find a new favorite restaurant
  82. Learn to surf
  83. Help a stranger
  84. Get along with your parents
  85. Visit all Asian countries (not likely to happen soon)
  86. Go back to school and learn something fun (I’m now a professor!)
  87. Admit that you’re wrong
  88. Become better at small talk
  89. Save somebody’s life
  90. Write your name in Japanese
  91. Visit the dentist
  92. Spend an entire day by yourself
  93. Go camping
  94. Win something
  95. Visit a museum
  96. Finish a sudoku puzzle
  97. Make conversation with your seat mate on the plane
  98. Dress for yourself
  99. Go on wine-tasting spree
  100. Choose a certain thing to learn everything about
  101. Play truth or dare and choose dare



I am hoping I can finish at least 60% of them before this year ends.
Who wants to join me?
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