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My 2014 Recap

Happy New Year, everyone!

Before I can finally close the chapter of 2014, let me share you some of the highlights happened to me for this entire year. I couldn’t put this blog post to my personal website ( right now because I still have to renew my domain and apply for web host subscription.

Anyways, here are the (incomplete) list of my recap:


  • Started writing on a journal / Starbucks planner but ended last June
  • Started living in Taft, Manila for almost a year; Rented a condo unit (studio-type) at The Grand Towers
  • Maintained a short haircut
  • Started drinking coffee regularly during the last quarter
  • Started drinking red wine almost every week
  • Bought myself a Lumia phone (and I’ve never been disappointed)
  • Retrieved my old Globe number but eventually lost my other phone
  • Took care of a cactus (I named it Zelly) for almost a year (and still alive!)
  • Spent most of the time talking with people under and over my age
  • Managed daily and monthly expenses using a tracker from Excel
  • Finally got a business card
  • Received my first stock dividends / share from my company


  • Maintained my Stack Overflow account with 2120 reputation points and 31 badges
  • Started learning SignalR, AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC 4 and LINQ
  • Deployed and published websites in Windows Azure
  • Participated in Hack The Climate 2014 hackathon last June 6-7
  • Participated in AngelHack Manila 2014 hackathon last July 26-27
  • Participated in HERE Manila 2014 hackathon last December 6, with my 4 WB-DEV2 students; won 4th place out of 15 participating groups
  • Developed and maintained applications and/or websites for the following clients: Themes & Motifs, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Mr. Choi Kitchen, Studio C Interior, FlyAce, CHARIS Foundation, Capital City Alliance Church, MORESCO-1 and  Hearts & Bells.


  • Marked my 3rd year of teaching in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde last September
  • Maintained outstanding STAR rating for the entire year; received Learning Centered Teacher and Outstanding Teacher awards
  • Received an outstanding rating from PARF for the school year
  • Transferred from Computer Applications (CA) program to Information Systems (IS) program starting the school year 2014-2015
  • Had given the opportunity again to become a CAPROJ/ISPROJ adviser (almost 90% of the groups passed)
  • Had given the opportunity to become a student adviser for IS program during the first term of the school year
  • Conducted special class (PROGLAN) during the first term of the school year
  • Chosen as the adviser for our school’s organization (CBA)
  • Update web development lesson plans and coding exercises – focused on Twitter Bootstrap as the design framework + ASP.NET as the programming language
  • Attended Microsoft Ambassadors for Education’s Train the Trainers Program last May 8-10; awarded as the best presenter during the last day of the training
  • Conducted MS Office 2013 training for teachers from Molino Elementary School last May 23
  • Conducted mock authorship exam as final examinations for WB-DEV2 students for 2nd Term, SY14-15
  • Attended DLS-CSB CIRC’s Curriculum Competency Seminar-Workshop in PHINMA Training Center Tagaytay and Punta De Fabian


  • Started the year joining in a nutrition club
  • Lost weight from 75 to 70 kilos
  • Quit eating potato chips since April
  • Stopped eating rice last April – chose potatoes and pasta as alternatives for carbohydrates
  • Quit eating French fries since August
  • Quit drinking sodas since October
  • Donated blood at Philippine Heart Center last December 20
  • Lessened water intake from 8 to 6 glasses (bad!)
  • Spent few sessions playing table tennis


  • Went to Pampanga to visit our ancestors house
  • Went to Tagaytay for our school’s annual retreat
  • Went to Baguio for our school program’s annual faculty team building
  • Went to out-of-town trip to Cagayan de Oro for a client user acceptance testing and workshop training
  • Travelled from Manila to northern part of Quezon City (and vice-versa) using the LRT-1 for the first time
  • Spent my Christmas vacation with my past students and friends at Matabungkay, Batangas and Tagaytay


  • Attended and co-organized Benilde’s SMITensity last February 24 at SMX Convention Center
  • Went to Sherwood for my first #HappyThursday last April
  • Watched my cousins’ ballet performace in Cultural Center of the Philippines last May 25
  • Attended and co-organized (as a faculty) Hack The Climate 2014 in DLS-CSB’s Augusto-Rosario Gonzales Theater
  • Attended one of my students’ debut last August 15
  • Participated as an exhibitor from the last Wedding Expo Philippines, organized by Themes & Motifs
  • Attended and participated on the first Student Business Analytics Conference last October 10, organized by Computer Business Association (CBA)
  • Attended the Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Exercises / graduation day last July 5 and October 18
  • Participated on my first team building with students last October during CBA’s annual teambuilding
  • Celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday at Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe last November 22, together with my family, relatives and acquaintances
  • Attended Computer Business Association’s CA Night at Exklusiv last November 22

Social Media

  • Had 2100+ Facebook friends (Almost half of them were my students); 168 accounts following my Facebook stories
  • Posted 14.4k tweets and increased Twitter followers to 768
  • Started using Instagram; Posted 200+ photos, with 300+ followers
  • Had 2200+ Foursquare check-ins, along with 41 badges
  • Connected to 716 LinkedIn accounts; received 40+ endorsements forASP.NET, C#, Web Development and Microsoft SQL Server skills
  • Received a Klout score of 56

Leisure / Entertainment

  • Lessened watching movies in cinemas
  • Started watching Parks and Recreation series
  • Won the 2048 game and still playing the 2048+ series, with a current high score of 279276
  • Completed watching How I Met Your Mother from season 1 to 9
  • Finished the first season from NBA 2k14 My Career averaging 40 points, 9 assists, 8 steals and 4 turnovers

(Will be updating this blog post from time to time. Please excuse any typos or brevity.)

Indeed, it was definitely a good year. Thanks for reading!

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