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2016 Recap

Before this year ends, let me share you some of the highlights that happened to me this year:


  • Adopted a dog named Toby, a golden retriever
  • First time after a long time spending our Christmas and New Year’s eve with my dad who works abroad for several years
  • First time setting up a (minimalist) Christmas tree
  • Spent half of the year adopting kittens from our neighbors but my mom decided to give them away
  • Felt short on my savings goals for this year; decided to double up my savings next year while saving some for my travel funds
  • Collected 5 and 10 peso coins as part of my yearly savings, which summed up more than 10,000 pesos
  • Bought a new refrigerator and an oven
  • Surprised someone with flowers
  • Customized my credit card’s design from BPI
  • Lost my earphones and Bluetooth mouse several times this year because I keep on leaving my things after my classes back in the computer lab
  • Spent most of my free time cooking pasta (both red and white sauce) and deliver them in my school for a taste test
  • Played my violin during my student’s last exam during the 1st term of the school year
  • First time attended a church service in Church of God – Silang
  • Attended COG Dasma’s Worship 101 for the entire month of July; brushed up my violin skills trained by my church mate who works for the Worship Department
  • Decided to go for a short hair look most of the months of this year; too lazy to grow my hair long (just like in College days)
  • Spent some time with my newfound friends and students for this school year and seeing lots of potential from them
  • Spent the whole day in my friends’ house preparing and cooked meals
  • Joined a ministry (Creatives Team) in our church; me and my church mates handle the content and website updates for
  • Gave up using a Windows Phone, bought and started using an Android phone (and never regret it)
  • Voted last May election
  • Donated blood twice this year (January 31 and November 30)
  • Spent my birthday back home early; wasn’t able to celebrate with my friends because of schedule conflicts and personal reasons
  • Stayed single for the entire year


  • Developed the newest WeBenilde website
  • Created a Code section from my personal website dedicated for programming questions, tips and trick and knowledge base
  • Created personal site for Denise Ayson and Teri Bernardo
  • Bought a personal web hosting subscription in Bluehost
  • Upgraded RAM to my dev machine
  • Learned how to create newsletter and email templates using ASP.NET
  • Fiddled with APIs of MailChimp, Google Maps
  • Trained TNM associates and discuss CDS concerns last November 5
  • First time attended a client meeting from Mandaluyong last September
  • Installed and deployed kiosk machines for Fly Ace last March during their recipe promotion / campaign
  • Maintained my Stack Overflow account with 2933 reputation points and 125 badges
  • Maintained and improved Themes & Motifs website for the entire year; Received 650,000+ page views, 116k+ new and returning users, 180k+ sessions for the entire year; Collected sign ups of 500+ wedding suppliers, 6500+ soon-to-weds, 2100+ guests and writers, and generated 8000+ online tickets for wedding conferences
  • Developed and maintained Labor of Love website
  • Developed The Dessert Kitchen Philippines website
  • Go-live website for Landlite Philippines
  • Maintained content for Mr. Choi Kitchen website
  • Skipped the annual AngelHack Manila hackathon event
  • Presented and discussed ecommerce during a wedding suppliers meeting organized by Themes & Motifs last February 19


  • Set a milestone on my teaching career in Benilde: 5 years!
  • Received a perfect attendance award for the entire school year 2015-2016
  • Received consecutive outstanding and very satisfactory STAR ratings for the entire school year
  • First time to panel 20+ groups only for a term!
  • First time planned a costume party during my students’ presentation last October
  • Participated on an exhibit during the 4th DLSU Innovation and Technology Fair last November 24
  • Held a web development seminar / hands-on last October 5
  • Attended a curriculum development with my fellow IS faculty last October 8 in Hotel Benilde
  • First time handled capstone groups for ISPROJ1 this school year and surprisingly liked the idea of checking technical documentations
  • Conducted my first open forum for students who are currently taking up capstone courses last May 7; treated my students some pizza afterwards
  • Participated on a not-so-secret school project as a mentor for app development
  • Attended a curriculum development with IS, CA and GDD faculty last August 5 in Cintai Corito’s Garden
  • First time handled ISPROG (C#) series for consecutive terms
  • First time to use the SDA theater (and its equipment) while recording my team’s semi-final entry for Imagine Cup 2016 last April 20
  • Competed and won as the National Winner for Imagine Cup 2016 Philippines last April 15 (This has to be my greatest achievement for this year.)
  • Handled ID 114 and 115 students as their academic adviser
  • Handled Web Development (WB-DEV1, WB-DEV2, ISPROG3, WEBDEVT), basic (ISPROG1), Database Application Development (ISPROG2) and IS Advanced Programming (ISPROG3) classes for the school year


  • Monitored my daily water intake using an Android app
  • Maintained my “dad bod” weight for the entire year (170-175 pounds)
  • Started the first few months participating to Herbalife’s 10-day program
  • Failed to attain my personal goal of 155 pounds (because of stress eating and lack of exercise)
  • Quit eating pizza and bacon
  • Quiz eating chocolates at the end of the year
  • Reduced my sleeping time to 4-6 hours


  • Went to an impromptu trip in Tagaytay last July 6;
  • Went to Ilocos Sur last February 25-27 during our school’s annual teambuilding


  • Celebrated our annual Limpin family reunion at San Simon, Mexico, Pampanga yesterday (December 30); spent the afternoon with my distant cousins and other relatives
  • Attended our church’s Christmas cantata last December 24
  • Attended my brother’s wedding last December 20; chosen as the best man for the first time
  • Attended IS and CA Christmas party last December 10
  • First time attended the Benilde’s Faculty Association Christmas party and won from a raffle (minor prize)
  • Celebrated Edmar’s birthday last November 29 in Taft, Manila
  • Celebrated my grandmother’s 92nd birthday last November 20 in Romulo Café
  • Attended Benilde’s Service Awards last November 7 in ARG Theater; first time since the last time I participated on a photo shoot and seeing my awkward smile
  • Attended my school’s graduation last October 29 at PICC
  • Went to Chinatown with my friends and ate in a local restaurant last October 8
  • Participated in our school’s annual retreat in Balay Indang last September 30 til October 1
  • Went to Yakimix and Mall of Asia for a fellowship with my church mates last September 24
  • Celebrated my godchild’s birthday last September 4 in Malinao
  • Went to Tagaytay for some bulalo, together with my fellow creatives team, last July 16 for a fellowship
  • Attended Indie Manila’s #RoomForSquares event last June 10; saw some of my favorite indie bands and artists: Clara Benin, SUD, Jensen and The Flips and Espasouls
  • Ate late dinner with my friends last June 3 in Binondo during a promo
  • Ate dinner with my best friend last May 27 in Ayala during a rush-hour traffic of the metro
  • Watched performances from Banna Harbera, SUD, and other music production students last May 27 during Ad Astra’s Perspective event
  • Celebrated mother’s day last May 8 in Alabang Town Center
  • Attended a church service with my friends last May 1 at Church of God – Makati; ate lunch in Makati afterwards
  • Watched Jensen and Clara Benin’s performance last April 29 during Radio Republic PH’s #SexySummerSesh event
  • Went to Little Tokyo first time but decided to eat late dinner back in Aguirre St. last April 26 with my friends
  • Watched performances of Agsunta, One Click Straight, Clara Benin and other local artists during Music Business Week’s #Shuffle event last April 6 in SDA
  • Attended COG Dasma’s Easter Sunday dance musicale last March 27
  • Attended Themes & Motifs’ Wedding Expo Philippines last March 20
  • First time attending Clara Benin’s gig in Saguijo last March 18; met her together with her sister Sarah (awkwardly)
  • Celebrated Thea’s birthday last February 14 in Caloocan
  • Spent late dinner with my best friend Alyzza last February 12 in Gateway Mall
  • Went to Maginhawa for food trip with my sister last January 31
  • Spent a late Christmas celebration with my friends last January 29 in Las Pinas


  • Had 2600+ Facebook friends – mostly my students and colleagues at work
  • Posted 22.3k tweets and maintained Twitter followers to 1000+
  • “Re-organized” my Instragram feed by deleting 300+ photos; Used Inkwell filter to all my posts for consistency; Increased followers to 700+
  • Started my #onesecondaday for my monthly post in Instagram
  • Became more active in Snapchat and Swarm
  • Doubled my Foursquare check-ins to 6200+ checkins, 51 mayorships, along with 64(out of 100) stickers
  • Connected to 1,100+ LinkedIn accounts; Maintained 70+ endorsements for NET, C#, Web Development and Microsoft SQL Server skills


  • Spent more time buying accessories (and gadgets) online than going to a retail store
  • Re-visited an old anime series – Hunter x Hunter
  • Re-visited one of my favorite American series – The 70’s Show
  • Watched Saving Sally with my parents and sister last December 26
  • Bought and received Yellowcard merch – their latest and last album and some of their personalized design t-shirts
  • Bought VIP tickets for Yellowcard’s last tour next year! #stoked
  • Watched X-Men: Apocalypse in the cinema last May 22
  • Watched Captain America: Civil War during the Labor Day
  • Watched The 5th Wave with my mom and sister last January 24


It wasn’t a great year as much as I expected, but I’m still thankful for the all people who made it happen.

Thank you for reading.

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